Should you hire Rupert? We’d like to think the answer is, “Yes.” But the truth is probably a bit more nuanced than that. Because ultimately, it's all about chemistry.

Rupert clients are an eclectic bunch. Coffee decaffeinators. Kiwi farmers. Sales tax automators. Pet nutritionists. They didn’t hire us because we’re experts in farming or hybrid cloud solutions. They hired us because they share a handful of common attributes. These are them. Are these you?

It's nice to meet you.

Smart as f***.

Our favorite clients blow our minds. They frame problems and ideas in ways that open our eyes and inspire us to do better work. And yeah, make us feel a little bit dumb, but that’s cool.

Curious about stuff.

Our clients are inquisitive. They are used to having the right answers, but wise enough to know they might not have all of them. Our clients like being challenged and keep an open mind.

Investors. Not gamblers.

Our clients are comfortable dealing with uncertainty. They weigh the risks and possible rewards and then make a call and live with, and more importantly, learn from the outcomes.

Who cares about the drapes?

Hint: it’s the people who went to art school. Let them decide.

And they get into the right kinds of weeds.

Our happiest clients let our designers be designers. They get into the details of the strategy and make sure that the work has the best opportunity to succeed. After that, who cares what color the drapes are?

Looking for partners, not vendors.

We’re on your side. We want to be in it with you, warts and all. So let us in. Tell us about the problems and give us the information we need to really be able to help you. The more we know the better we get.

Now what?

Getting started is sometimes the hardest part, so we’ll make it easy: give us a call. We can brainstorm some possible solutions with you and start putting a plan together.