Every dog is different. So is this food.


The super premium pet food market is fast growing and highly competitive. Dozens of products compete for shelf space with similar claims of gluten-free, high-protein, all-natural products.

So how can Petcurean stand apart from the pack?

    What We Did

  • Advertising
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Television

Real dogs are imperfectly perfect.

In a market that is saturated with overblown and wild claims, we wanted to help Petcurean stand apart in a way that was distinct and memorable. We knew from our research that super-premium dog food customers tended to avoid breeders and seek out rescue dogs instead. So we set out to build a campaign around imperfect dogs that are every bit as lovable.

The proof is in the poop.

Ultimately, dog food is about dog poop. And guess what? We make a food for that.

Pet parents tend to stick with the same food. But they will try something new if their dog is having an issue. We wanted to highlight Petcurean's line of limited ingredient diet food, called GO! SOLUTIONS by focusing on common health and digestion issues, but do it in a way reflected our love for our pets, rather than focus on the negative aspects of pet parenting. The tagline, "We Make a Food For That" was intended to show the pet parent that no matter what your pet's dietary needs are, there's a GO! that's right for them.

Double exposure on a limited budget

The campaign was primarily digital video, social and display with TV and Out of Home providing air cover in a single key market. To make the most out of a limited TV buy, we decided to make our :30s out of two fifteen second spots, letting us show off two separate issues, while doubling our frequency and the repetition of both our tagline and the product name.

Same store sales increased by 14%.

Year-over-year sales were up 27% in our primary market.

One of the goals of the campaign was to help launch the product with a major new retailer and help drive sales. But could we do it without cannibalizing sales from loyal retailers who had carried Petcurean products for years? Despite the increased competition, same store sales increased by 14% over the period just prior to the campaign, and sales were up a whopping 40% overall.