A Place for Mom

Getting massive results from mass media.


Millions of people have spoken with a Senior Living Advisor from A Place for Mom to help find the right place for their moms (and yes, their dads too.) We know that once they speak with an advisor, chances are they'll convert.

Our job is to get people to pick up the phone.

    What We Did

  • Advertising
  • Video
  • Messaging
  • Research

A Lesson in Longevity

Having a track record with a client means being able to improve ad performance year over year. Together with A Place for Mom, Rupert has raised the bar with each new TV spot.

Finding senior living for your parents is a messy, emotional journey that most of us only do once or twice. Untangling those emotions and getting people to take action has been a lesson in the power of optimism. In our early spots we tended to focus on relief or worry, but we discovered that focussing on a great outcome was most likely to drive action.

You've got three seconds.

On TV every second is precious. We opened with Joan and quickly got to the point.

The results were overwhelmingly positive—all four of the new concepts proved viable directions, with our key messages (free service, 1 on 1 advice, personalized list, local advisors) coming across loud and clear. The best of the bunch featured Joan in real senior living communities, meeting with seniors and proclaiming, "Senior living is better than ever!"

Conversions went up 30%

The real test for any advertisement comes in the wild. Will people notice? Will they act? In the case of Joan Reports, the answer was most definitely a "Yes." The new 60-second version saw an overall increase in A Place for Mom conversions over the previous ads. The real lift was in the 30, which saw an improved response rate of more than 30% over the previous 30 second spot. This meant we could buy more 30 second inventory, making the media more efficient, and ultimately driving more move-ins.