B2B Technology


At the crossroad of credibility and disruption.


Icertis burst into the contract management space, upending the marketplace with an innovative, user-friendly and flexible product that quickly gained traction with some of the world’s largest businesses. Despite its premium functionality and price point, Icertis had an ad hoc brand with limited marketing support.

Change was in the air.

    What We Did

  • Brand Strategy
  • Website
  • Logo Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Photography
  • Video

“They all want the Amazon shopping experience.”

In our research and in interviews with the target market, we learned just how dissatisfied modern business professionals were with traditional line-of-business solutions. One of the great advantages Icertis has over its more established competitors is a simple and intuitive user-experience, as well as an incredibly flexible product, adaptable to any business, language, nation or contract type. The brand’s design reflects the fluidity and flexibility of the product experience.

Building credibility through brand.

A virtual unknown, Icertis needed to look established and disruptive.

To help build credibility, Rupert designed a brand system that could scale and support the critical need to create content and drive discoverability, including trade show booths, print ads, white papers and case studies. The consistency of presentation provided ballast, allowing the design to be more radical and fresh.

Designed for a diverse customer base.

The Icertis website posed another challenge. The product is so adaptable; it can be applied to almost any industry vertical. Working closely with the Icertis executive team, we built a user-flow that allowed each audience to find important information with a minimum of clicks. Testimonials, use scenarios, and case studies provided key verticals with the reassurance they needed.