Seattle’s Best Coffee

A local brand goes mainstream.


Founded in 1970, Seattle’s Best Coffee was part of the coffee culture that spawned Starbucks and spanned the globe. Acquired by the green giant to serve as a defender brand, Seattle’s Best Coffee faced a difficult question.

How do you stay premium in a commodity market?

    What We Did

  • Advertising
  • Point of Sale
  • Social Media
  • Direct Mail

Second in size only to Starbucks.*

*Carpenter, J. William. “Top 6 Companies Owned by Starbucks (SBUX).” Investopedia. 2015. Accessed November 21, 2016.

The second largest coffee roaster and retailer in the United States, with distribution in major fast food chains, movie theaters, airlines, and grocery stores throughout North America, Seattle’s Best Coffee had to maintain a delicate balancing act as it competed on price against Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonalds and 8 o’clock coffee without sacrificing its reputation as a premium coffee roaster.

Chevron Coffee Sales Grew at 7%.

Convenience stores, like Chevron ExtraMile, attract a different crowd than Seattle’s Best Coffee’s typical grocery customer. To translate the brand for Chevron we created an entire system of signage that kept the premium, romantic feel of the brand but still drove results in the offer-driven c-store environment.

From 50k to 500k fans and followers.

Working closely with partner agencies, Rupert designed and delivered promotional Facebook apps, special events and free sample packs to hundreds of thousands of potential customers. The result was an explosive growth in social media followers, from 50k to 500k in just three years.