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How to explain your job to Grandma.


Extrahop has a product is radically altering the way IT networks are managed. Analyzing “wire data”, the bytes of information that flow between apps, databases and servers, in real time, Extrahop customers are able to pinpoint exactly where and why problems occur. So what’s the problem?

Sometimes saying everything is like saying nothing.

    What We Did

  • Website
  • Advertising
  • Visual Identity
  • Video
  • Messaging
  • Social Media

Illustrating the invisible.

One team member said, “Finally I can explain what I do to my grandma.”

The team at Extrahop is very smart and very passionate. They pride themselves on being “radically transparent” and love to explain what they do. In great detail. We helped Extrahop simplify their brand and messaging to explain what their product does in a way that makes it easy to see just how powerful it really is.

High engagement that endures.

Three years after launch, our first ExtraHop animation, "What is Wire Data?" was still going strong with a completion rate of roughly 60%.

ExtraHop has an amazing product. The problem is that it can sometimes sound a lot like other not-so-amazing, not-particularly-new products. Rupert created a series of animations that demonstrate the power of the Extrahop platform in a way that is easily digestible and clearly differentiated. It’s also pretty darn friendly.

Extrahop expanded into Asia and set new records for bookings, new customers and revenue.