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Dell Technologies

Big iron gets light on its feet.


Dell Technologies is known for making durable, dependable and powerful computers. But in an increasingly cloud-centric IT environment, servers and data storage had become an afterthought. In close collaboration with our client, Rupert reframed the question to put data storage, and the Dell Technologies Cloud Platform, at the beginning of the conversation.

Big iron had to get flexible.

    What We Did

  • Advertising
  • Video
  • Messaging
  • Social Media

Our client had an idea.

That your data has inherent value – and where you keep it matters.

Our client had an idea. Everyone was so focused on cloud services and what AI could do with their data, but no one was talking about the value of the data itself. Enter Rupert. In close collaboration with our clients at Dell, we championed the concept of Data Capital — the idea that your data, like any other asset, has inherent value and where you store it matters.

The cloud that adapts to your business.

As the concept gained steam, Rupert developed product messaging to help position Dell Technologies Cloud as "The Cloud that Adapts" and developed a variety of materials to support the message and take the product to market, ranging from explainer videos to social media ads to ebooks.