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Bulletproof is more than a recipe for butter and coffee. It’s a nutrition and lifestyle brand with retail cafes, cookbooks and CPG products ranging from protein powders to chocolate bars. Originally an e-commerce brand with a small-but-avid following, Bulletproof decided it was time to expand into grocery.

Go mass-market without losing your niche.

    What We Did

  • Brand Strategy
  • Packaging
  • Advertising
  • Visual Identity
  • Messaging

You are what you eat. So eat well.

At the heart of the Bulletproof business is Bulletproof Coffee. A potent recipe of coffee, grass-fed butter and a proprietary MCT oil called Brain Octane™. As the popularity of Bulletproof Coffee soared, Bulletproof expanded into protein bars and powders, cacao butter, supplements—even ghee. The exploding product line was attacked with a start-up zeal and mentality. Questions of hierarchy, consistency and brand-level messaging were left for later. As the company matured, it was clear that it was time for some big picture thinking.

Get fat and feel good.

The Bulletproof diet is centered around high-energy fats, like those found in coconuts and avocados. In addition to being quickly processed and transformed into energy, these medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) also make for some attention-grabbing headlines.

The first challenge was to take the existing brand system, which was well-suited for selling online to a loyal, science-friendly, audience, and apply it to a diverse set of consumer products. The packaging had to quickly communicate the primary benefits (some of which consumer might not be familiar with) as well as hit traditional selling points such as flavor, grams of protein, calories, etc. To satisfy these competing demands, Rupert built a system that gave consumers quick reads on important table-stakes information, while also grabbing attention with unorthodox claims, like "Fat Fueled Chocolate" that would encourage a consumer to explore the science behind the headlines.

To be Bulletproof is to understand your body.

Being Bulletproof is about understanding your body. It’s about finding the little things, the products and habits, that are easy to incorporate into your life that help you be you—only better.

Bulletproof has always been an innovative company. We knew that as the science evolved, and the market expanded, the Bulletproof product lines would continue to evolve and expand itself, with new flavors, SKUs and extensions. That meant that Rupert had to think systemically. What happens when we add collagen protein? How does this come to life at the annual biohacking conference?