Could these greens power sales?


Online or on the shelf, Bulletproof competes in a crowded field. So when they launched a new line of powdered greens, they needed something that not only stood out in the category, but could stand apart from its own proteins and supplements. After walking the aisles, we decided to mix it up a bit and...

Make the competition green with envy.

    What We Did

  • Packaging
  • Visual Identity

After working on over 100 SKUs for Bulletproof, moving away from the brand core look and feel was not taken lightly. We wanted to strike a balance between staying true to the Bulletproof brand while hitting a premium note to match the higher price point. After one month on shelf, the results were in — Bulletproof Greens had crushed the forecast.

Bulletproof Greens proved to be an instant winner in retail.