How to get a second look.


Sales tax automation leader, Avalara is growing by leaps and bounds. And as it grows, so does the complexity of what they offer, with products for everything from excise to communications taxes. The only problem: most people only know of the product they use.

It was time to reintroduce Avalara.

    What We Did

  • Advertising
  • Video
  • Messaging
  • Social Media
  • Direct Mail

Most customers know Avalara for one thing only.

Avalara has dozens of products to automate almost every aspect of compliance. Trouble is, nobody know it -- not even their current customers.


How could we get customers to reach out to us?

We knew the surest path to additional sales was to get customers asking questions and exploring their options.

What else can Avalara do?

By running multiple versions of the ads, each featuring another popular product while hinting at more, we were able to plant the question in our customers' minds.

Does anybody even read direct mail?

Actually, yes. We designed a test for Avalara that showed people were 2x as likely to sign up for a webinar when they were sent DM and email vs just email alone. Score one for the USPS.

Avalara WECAD Mailer