Blue Nile

Take it from your bestie.


Buying jewelry doesn’t happen for a single reason. Heck, no one really needs it, the person receiving it is often completely surprised, and for some reason it’s tough for folks to give themselves permission to buy what they really want. So, we looked for a way to speak directly to different buyers and let them know that we get what they’re feeling.

    What We Did

  • Youtube
  • Television
  • Connected TV

Give it to me straight.

We all have a friend who isn’t afraid to call it like she sees it. You don't always want to hear it, but hey, you trust her, and you know she’s got your best interest at heart. So we cast a friend that can talk to the guys while still relating to other women.

Best practice makes perfect

We know what works best on YouTube: make a personal connection with the viewer and do it fast. We've found that spokesperson speaking directly to the camera makes it harder for a viewer to hit that skip button. Who knows? Maybe it feels rude? In any case, it's served our clients well on YouTube and doesn't hurt on connected and regular TV.

Leaning into some new tech.

We really wanted to show a lot of looks in a short period of time, so we came up with a fun and engaging visual concept ­to transport our host across a number of scenes in a seemingly seamless fashion. To do it, we used a new sound stage technology that relies on a video game engine to create a realistic 3D background that moves with our camera. Pretty neat.