Silver Fern Farms

Getting seconds on summer


New Zealand loves Silver Fern Farms, but few Americans have heard of this producer of some of the world's most delicious, sustainably-raised grass-fed meats. To help people see why Silver Fern Farm is special we knew what we had to do:

We had to take summer down under.

    What We Did

  • Advertising
  • Point of Sale
  • Direct Mail
  • Media Strategy
  • Promotion Design

What could we do to boost online sales by 100%?

Silver Fern Farms had recently increased retail distribution in New York and California and launched their US-focused ecommerce site and needed a way to jumpstart sales. They asked us to help come up with and market a summer grilling promotion that could boost retail sales by 20% and grow their fledgling ecommerce business by 100%.

Our clients live in the future.

We wanted a prize or giveaway that reflected Silver Fern Farms' unique selling proposition: their meat is grass-fed in New Zealand. Funny thing about New Zealand — it's literally on the other side of the world. Their today is our tomorrow, and their summer is our winter. So when our summer is over, why not send someone to New Zealand to get seconds on summer?

We beat our retail goal by 50% and doubled online sales.

The campaign was comprehensive, with digital ads and QR codes in-store driving to the landing page where visitors could register to win a trip to New Zealand and claim coupons for free (delicious) steaks redeemable in store or online. During the campaign Silver Fern Farms had their best ecommerce day ever and retail sales grew by 30%.