University of Washington

Uncovering a history of economic innovation.


The University of Washington has been steadily powering the Seattle area economy for over 150 years. But its contribution is often overlooked in favor of the region's more attention-getting corporate giants. So when state budget cut threatened, it was time to remind everyone that Puget Sound's most valuable resource is our spirit of innovation.

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What's the source of Seattle's remarkably resilient economy?

Through boom times and bust, Seattle's economy has proven to be remarkably resilient, thanks to a diverse economy that gets contributions from timber, fisheries, shipping, aerospace, online shopping, personal computing, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and biotech. What do these industries have in common? The University of Washington.

150 years in thirty seconds.

We wanted to celebrate the history of the University, which is really the history of Western Washington. As we started going through the archives we realized the University had accumulated an amazing photographic history. The hard part was narrowing down 150 years into 30 seconds.